We create a Welfare Platform, measure always, and revise often, ensuring your employees stay at the focus.

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  3i4iM Welfare Platform:

  1. FLEXIBLE: Minimum setup times, integration on existing websites, intranet and extranet, setup of one or more differente catalogs
  2. MULTIPLE: Choise of prisez from over 50 distinguished ones, no logistic costs (excluding Physical MasterCards), real-time delivery, possibility to insert Physical or Experimental prizes.
  3. CUSTOMIZATION: Set up upon company request, point value insertion, ad hoc communication materials, customized platform graphics and e-mail.
  4. INNOVATION: Multi-device use, responsive technology, real-time activity monitoring

Multi Channel and Web Responsive

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We Help You to Retain
Your Collaborators


With 3i4Welf, you can create events, awards, incentives and promotions for every occasion in total autonomy.